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Past event: Sept – SCE High Intensity Revision Course 2021

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Event information


16th Sept 2021


*VIRTUAL COURSE* Live content only

Programme overview

St John’s DermAcademy will again be running our SCE High Intensity Revision Course in 2021, approximately one month before the Specialty Certificate Examination (SCE) in Dermatology.

The course is delivered by Senior Dermatology Specialist Registrars and Junior Consultants who have recently passed the examination and are very much in touch with the content and layout of the exam. Revision and exam technique will be covered, and each speaker will present a subspecialty in which they hold an interest. An audience response system will allow delegates to practice answering questions live within the webinar format. 

Provisional programme

Feedback and Suggestions

If you have any feedback from past events that you'd like to share or if you have any suggestions for future events you'd like us to cover please get in contact.

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