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Fellowships at St John's Institute of Dermatology

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The Eczema and Psoriasis Team

Clinical Fellowships 

St John’s Institute of Dermatology is a leading training centre for UK dermatologists. The specialist tertiary services provide bespoke facilities that offer highly specialised care for patients with severe skin conditions. Clinical fellowships are an excellent opportunity to develop additional clinical expertise in sub-speciality areas in dermatology. 

There are a number of clinical fellowships suitable for trainee dermatologists nearing or on completion of their specialist dermatology training.*

*Applicants must be GMC registered or eligible for GMC registration.

Medical Dermatology

The specialist medical dermatology services offer a 12 month post CCT clinical fellowship in Medical Dermatology. This fellowship offers a really fantastic opportunity to gain additional training in Medical Dermatology, specifically in severe eczema, psoriasis, immunobullous disease and hidradenitis suppurativa. It is a unique opportunity to develop specialist knowledge of therapeutics in severe inflammatory skin disease, and the use of novel biologic agents. You will gain experience in clinical trials which are currently running within the department. 

Previous post holders have gone to achieve very high calibre consultant posts and found the experience invaluable. For further information, please contact Prof. Catherine Smith who would be very happy to speak to anyone who is interested in this fellowship (via her E.A:

Medical Education and Medical Dermatology

St John's DermAcademy offers a 12 month post CCT fellowship in medical education (50%) and medical dermatology (50%). This is a wonderful opportunity for those who wish to develop an interest in dermatology education alongside expertise in complex medical dermatology. The post holder will become immersed in the post graduate teaching activities at St John's Institute of Dermatology with protected time for personal development as an educator. The clinical component of the post includes the tertiary inflammatory dermatology clinics (eczema, psoriasis) and another specialist clinic based on the applicant's area of interest. For enquiries please contact Dr Satveer Mahil:

Tumour and Lymphoma

The Skin Tumour Unit offers a 12 month post CCT fellowship post to hone skills in the medical management of cutaneous lymphoma, melanoma and graft versus host disease. This is a great opportunity to participate in the multidisciplinary care of patients requiring cutting edge medical therapies for their advanced disease. By the end of the year you will be able to recognise a myriad of different presentations of cutaneous lymphoma, GvHD and advanced melanoma and be familiar with the use of novel therapeutic agents.There is also opportunity and encouragement to become involved in clinical and academic research within the Institute and to keep up skills in general dermatology and skin cancer screening. This post is an excellent stepping-stone for those wishing to set up a regional multidisciplinary skin tumour service or for consolidating knowledge prior to taking up a Consultant post in skin cancer. Please contact Dr Fiona Child

Paediatric Dermatology

The 12 month post-CCT fellowship in paediatric dermatology is a unique post aimed at developing clinical skills in a wide range skin diseases presenting in children. In addition to broad exposure to more common paediatric skin conditions, the post offers experience in tertiary referrals and subspecialist paediatric clinics in severe eczema, vascular anomalies, urticaria, vulval dermatology and combined clinics with paediatric allergy, rheumatology and clinical genetics. The post also encompasses clinics for a wide range of genetic skin diseases including epidermolysis bullosa, ichthyosis, palmoplantar keratodermas, other disorders of keratinisation and ectodermal dysplasias. There is regular interaction with the genetic skin disease laboratories giving experience and insight into molecular testing for these conditions. The department is active in basic science research as well as clinical trials in paediatric dermatology and genodermatoses. The post is ideal for dermatologists wishing to undertake paediatric and genetic dermatology as a subspecialty interest and in setting up services in these areas.

Please contact Sophia Cyrille on


Contact Dermatitis
For more information contact Sophia Cyrille on
International Fellowships

Observerships – Visiting Professional Programmes

The St John's Institute of Dermatology offers a number of Visiting Professional Programmes for international doctors who wish to spend a period time at St John’s Institute of Dermatology. The dermatology department has a long track record of providing education and training opportunities for visiting doctors from around the world.

The specialist clinical and laboratory facilities at the St John’s Institute of Dermatology are unique in the UK, and allow comprehensive exposure to sub specialties in dermatology. The visiting professional programmes provide a unique opportunity to observe and learn alongside leading dermatologists. The central London location and excellent academic profile of King’s College London makes St John’s a very attractive options for international doctors.

These clinical observerships can be tailored to the needs of individual doctors. For details of the fellowship programmes and the associated fees, please click button below

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