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Partner – National Eczema Society

Find out about how National Eczema Society supports dermatology education below.

Partner profile


National Eczema Society
11 Murray Street
London NW1 9RE

National Eczema Society is the UK charity for people with eczema and their families. We are committed to making life better for the 1 in 5 children and 1 in 10 adults who suffer from eczema. Our charity relies on donations from individuals and grants from organisations to fund our work – you can read more about what we do here

We provide evidence-based information and advice to help people manage their eczema effectively, to become experts in their own self-care. We deliver this through our website, social media channels, publications, videos, webinars and nurse-supported Helpline. We also provide a voice for people with eczema, raising awareness of the condition, supporting research into new treatments and campaigning for better medical care.

Healthcare professionals can request copies of our eczema information booklets, which we provide free-of-charge for onward distribution to patients – to order visit

National Eczema Society works with St Johns DermAcademy and other organisations to help improve understanding and awareness of eczema in the dermatology community. We do this by sharing the lived experiences and concerns of people with eczema and advocating on their behalf.

Follow National Eczema Society - @eczemasociety - on social media to keep up with the latest information and health advice about eczema. Please contact us at

National Eczema Society has no influence over the educational content of the St John’s DermAcademy.

For more information visit





If you are interested in becoming a partner of St John's DermAcademy, please email:

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