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8th Sept 2022

RECORDED CONTENT AVAILABLE UNTIL 8th OCTOBER 2022 This half-day St John’s DermAcademy masterclass provides a comprehensive overview and evidence-based update on the pathogenesis, assessment and management of immunobullous disease. We will cover treatment-related decision making and practical tips to enhance your clinical practice.


15th Sept 2022

Join our free webinar for an evening of informative talks for children and their families who are living with eczema.


22nd Sept 2022

This 1 day live webinar is delivered by Consultants who have recently passed the SCE examination. Revision and exam technique will be covered, and each speaker will present a subspecialty in which they hold an interest.


Sept – Dec 2022 (multiple days)

An annual course aimed at registered nurses or allied healthcare professionals who wish to extend and consolidate their clinical knowledge in the field of dermatology. It will appeal particularly to nurses within the specialty, community / practice nurses, nurse practitioners and nurses who see patients with skin rashes in acute services.


14th Oct 2022

*VIRTUAL COURSE* Dermoscopy Course 2022

RECORDED CONTENT AVAILABLE UNTIL 14th NOVEMBER 2022 This 1 day course is aimed at improving practical skills in pattern recognition and diagnosis of pigmented and non-pigmented skin lesions using dermoscopy.


3rd Nov 2022

Join our free webinar for an evening of informative talks for people who are living with psoriasis. Brought to you by St John's DermAcademy and the Psoriasis Association. 


10th – 11th Nov 2022

RECORDED CONTENT AVAILABLE UNTIL 10th DECEMBER 2022 This 2 day webinar is delivered by the specialist Paediatric Dermatology team at the St John's Institute of Dermatology. Our comprehensive programme will offer a broad overview of acute, common and rare paediatric skin conditions.


08th Dec 2022

Please join us at St John's Institute of Dermatology for this unique opportunity to learn about a career in dermatology. We will cover how to assess and manage common and emergency dermatological conditions, and recently appointed St John's Specialist Registrars will also provide advice on the NTN application process. The day will include an exclusive opportunity to participate in St John’s Institute of Dermatology Grand Rounds. The course is aimed at foundation doctors, core medicine trainees and medical students.


26th Jan 2023

We are excited to announce this 1 day live webinar, which covers key aspects of psychodermatology, including medically unexplained symptoms, safe prescribing of anti-psychotics in dermatology, skin picking and experiences from specialised psychodermatology clinics.

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We run multiple events throughout the year for various healthcare professionals. Our events and courses take various formats from large group lecture programmes to small hands-on workshops.

Instead of generic courses aimed at increasingly diverse groups of health professionals, we provide events that are specific to the needs of different healthcare professional groups. Our St John’s DermAcademy faculty includes dermatology consultants and trainees, nurse specialists, allergists, GP leads and international advisors to allow us to tailor our courses based on individual audience needs. 

Healthcare professionals can attend our events to keep up to date about best clinical practice in dermatology and get clinical tips and advice from key speakers. Delegates have also found our events to be a great networking platform to meet new colleagues and our St John’s DermAcademy faculty.


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Dermoscopy Course

“I have done a couple of different online courses recently, and this was by far the best …the live quiz sessions were also really engaging and made me feel more like I was part of a bigger course/audience. Overall this was an interesting and educational course and I feel like I learned a lot.”

“Good selection of topics, highly expert speakers, interactive elements to keep engagement high.”

“Great talk on volar dermoscopy, with illuminating explanations regarding anatomy and correlation to clinical findings.”

“Lectures were very good and appreciated quizzes to consolidate learning.”

“Really useful to go through some challenging cases we often see in a busy clinical environment. Unique set up with both a clinical and pathological expert in the same talk - exactly what we need to help improve our clinical practice.”

Psoriasis Therapeutics Masterclass

“Excellent talks - really informative and relevant to practice.”

“Really useful. Pitched at correct level. Plenty of opportunity for questions. Really knowledgeable presenters.”

"Information around a more holistic approach to patient work up for treatment… was very thought provoking."

“Case based discussions were eye opening as I can now consider different approaches to management in similar scenarios.”

“So convenient and more importantly great to hear from experts!”

"I found it very efficiently run and excellent content."

“Excellent delivery and content - I will definitely look at further courses.”

Acute Clinical Oncology Course 

“I thought the course was fantastic! Very relevant to my practice.”

“Really beneficial course and well targeted to clinical / practical use and update on new research.”

“Very informative and pitched at the right level. A good way to keep up to date in the field”

"Advanced for the right level of audience I think! All very useful and topics engaging."

"Good spread and depth of topics."

“Definitely went away thinking I had more confidence in approaching management. Clear and concise. Excellent practical tips.”

“Very interesting and relevant content.”

"Very good programme and range of speakers, thank you. There was a huge amount of material covered which was excellent."

"Great course – one of the best virtual courses I've attended in terms of content."

Hidradenitis Suppurativa 

“Excellent delivery, content and relevance.”

“Excellent talks which I think will be very helpful for my clinical practice.”

“Excellent. Very useful, interesting and evidence based. It's extremely important as in a busy general clinic other co-morbidity can be missed so it's a great reminder of the importance of these.”

"Excellent. This was extremely clear and engaging but also very exciting to hear all the upcoming therapies that may become available to this patient group. I was looking forward to this talk and it delivered more than expected."

“I love the practical application of knowledge - for me it fixes the learning in place.”

“Excellent course - length just right. Hope it becomes annual."

Advanced Dermoscopy Course

Feedback and Suggestions

If you have any feedback from past events that you'd like to share or if you have any suggestions for future events you'd like us to cover please get in contact.