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Event April 2020

6 March 2024: Itching for Answers
A deep dive into eczema itch

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Event information

This webinar has ended

Disclaimer: The information discussed at the webinars is based on the latest evidence and expert opinion at the time of recording. The information is for general purposes only and we cannot offer advice for specific patients. Any member of the public or patients listening should please consult their own physician for any medical needs they may have.

Wednesday 6 March, 6-7pm

*WEBINAR (Online)*

Who should attend?
Patients and members of public interested in Eczema. Please encourage your patients with Eczema to join our free webinar.

Programme overview
Join our free webinar for an evening of informative talks for people who are living with eczema. Brought to you by St John's DermAcademy and the National Eczema Society.


6.00 Welcome and overview of the evening by Dr Satveer Mahil

6.05 ‘Why does eczema itch?’ by Dr Sarah Drummond, Senior Clinical Fellow

Dr Sarah Drummond explains why eczema is itchy, highlights exciting research developments in eczema itch and looks at new treatments that are in the pipeline.

6.20 ‘Top tips for managing eczema itch’ by Julie Van Onselen, Dermatology Nurse Practitioner

Julie Van Onselen provides expert advice on how to manage itch, the best way to use creams and ointments, and how changes to your lifestyle and environment can help.

6.35 Panel discussion/Q&A

7.00 Close

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